in Linux commands

In Linux commands, the basic commands that you should know

Here are some basics in Linux commands that you should know to start your journey with Linux without any trouble in 2019

in linux commands

Still confused! Don’t know what to do, how to start then let me guide you, check the video link provided below

The video resource provided below, I found, so far  the best resource for beginner to start a journey in Linux commands

However, the video doesn’t cover all the Linux commands that are existed there but covered the basic commands that are necessary for a beginner to take his first step in Linux commands.

Still confused! You don’t know, what is a Linux? What is ubuntu and why we need Linux? But wait! do you know which linux distribution should you use? And what is a virtual box and how to download it?

Click here to know all the above information

I suggest you, to go through the link above mentioned to download Linux on your desktop and also fact that the Linux commands that are mentioned above are enough for beginner to feel good about Linux

Remember you won’t learn Linux in one day, you need to play with it and form your own questions and find answer’s for questions, that’s how you learn Linux

Another thing I like to suggest you not learn all command’s at first then start using it, it is better you learn some basic commands and play with it and form your questions and find answers, that’s how you learn quicker than from others

How to zip and unzip folders in Linux

The folder can be zipped by right click on that folder and select the compress option and to unzip the zipped file right-click on that folder and select extract here option

Why we use zip files

Because zip files compress data and save time and space and make downloading files and transferring e-mail attachments faster

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