how to install themeforest wordpress

How to install ThemeForest WordPress theme?

Do you know? How to install themeforest wordpress theme on your dash-board, If not, then let me guide you in detail, what you should do to install a new ThemeForest premium theme

Purchasing a new theme at ThemeForest is not an easy task, it might be different for others but not for me.

If  you have a master debit card, with a master card you can’t make payments on PayPal or Skrill because they don’t accept master card for international payments

Normally the debit card which we have won’t allow us to make a direct payment on ThemeForest because of currency difference

so I order a new Visa debit card for purchasing a new theme at ThemeForest and I did  a payment with visa debit card by PayPal

Step 1: Download the zip file on your pc

The new theme file can be downloaded from ThemeForest website by click on the profile account logo to see downloads option and the download  option contain four files

(i)All files and documentation

(ii)Installable WordPress file only

(iii)License certificate and purchase code(PDF)

(iv)License certificate and purchase code(text)

The file that is needed is (ii)  and to install this file on WordPress,

  • go to the WordPress dashboard
  • select Appearance option then
  • select themes option and
  • Add new option to upload the(ii)file

Normally,If your .zip file successfully uploaded on wordpress with this step, then no need to proceed further steps but when a file has a large size due to that the hosting provider doesn’t support the direct transfer of a large file and the downloaded  .zip file can’t be upload on the WordPress

Step 2: Use FileZilla software to upload file .zip theme file on the  WordPress

The main problem with the WordPress dashboard is that it does not accept large file so in order to transfer large files from the remote computer  to the website we need a software called FileZilla

FileZilla software require four credentials


       (ii) user name

       (iii) password


The four credentials can be obtained through the hosting service provider

Step 3: Get SFTP(secure file transfer protocol)  login credentials

secure file transfer protocol

 The SFTP login credential is required by the software called FileZilla  to connect with the website to transfer files from the remote computer to website.

the SFTP login credential can be obtained through the hosting provider (Godaddy) or whichever hosting service provider you have for your website

In order to obtain SFTP login credential for Godaddy,

  • you can login in the Godday account and
  • select my products then
  • on the manage WordPress section
  • click manage option then
  • select the setting option to see SFTP section
  • click on the view section to get login credentials

When the login credential obtained from the hosting provider then it can be entered into FileZilla to connect with the website.

the remote computer local file will be visible on the left side and the website files will be visible on the right side of the software GUI

 To transfer file from remote computer to website. first the files have to be unzipped and on the right-hand side section of FileZilla  click on wp-section to see the theme folder then click on that theme folder to see the list of theme files which is present on the website.

To transfer file just you need to drag and drop the unzipped theme file from left-hand side of remote computer section to right-hand side website section, the transfer time will  depend upon the file size and the internet speed

Finally, go to your WordPress dashboard to see the theme which you have transferred then click activate to use the theme.

Two ways  to remove old pages

(i) google console (Temporary)

(ii) Yoast SEO plugin (Effective)

Google console

As soon as,  the new theme uploaded on the WordPress, the previous pages of the old website will be still visible on the google search engine  and show’s error like  “page not found”

Note: If you have a little bit of experience with google indexing you will know once the page is index , you can’t un-index it.

Because you don’t have any control over google, but you can hide page with the help of a plugin called Yoast SEO

The blunder happens when  if you have a portfolio or any other pages in your old theme but when you won’t use the old portfolio pages or any other pages in a new theme

The toxic of old pages spread out in WordPress, the old pages don’t have any relevance to the current version of the new theme website.

If old pages of the website are still visible on google search engine, it will effect website traffic and we can remove the old pages  by creating an account on google console and linking it to the hosting provider(GODADDY)

wordpress dashboard

The link to remove URL Click here

How to know? How many unrelated pages and 404 pages google is indexing?

In order  to know how many 404 pages and the unrelated pages google indexing

You need to type in google search

  • (ex-site:

By this, you will get all the pages that google indexing on the web

Remember! you need to check all the webpages indexed by Google so that you can  keep your website uncluttered and can remove unrelated pages and 404 pages, which help in boost  traffic and reputation of your website

How to remove unused pages from WordPress?
  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Select pages—->all pages
  • And make all the published pages which you are not using into drafts
  • Select portfolio option, if you have in your theme
  • Make all the unused published pages from the portfolio section into drafts

Remember!  you need to convert unused pages into drafts, why I say to  make into drafts because in future you may use it  otherwise you can delete it, as of now I am not using portfolio on  my website but in future, I would like to have a portfolio section on my website so, I made the pages into drafts

How to make unused pages into drafts
  • Go to pages or portfolio
  • Click all the pages which you don’t want be visible on google search
  • Select bulk action—-> edit
  • Status —->drafts—->update

When I installed a new premium theme I was having 53 pages published, which I won’t use

google indexing

The above image show’s the WordPress dashboard of the site, where you can see, I have a portfolio section on the dashboard, the problem with this premium WordPress theme is that

I have a menu on the website with four navigation button’s on it but I haven’t  set a portfolio button even though I am not using portfolio content of the theme, still, all the pages related to portfolio were indexed in google

The portfolio categories pages and tag pages are visible on a search result, the problem occurs when if I don’t use portfolio on my navigation but the pages of it still visible on google search result

So, I made all the portfolio pages into drafts and portfolio categories and tag pages I deleted it, because on a dashboard I won’t have an option to make it into a draft.

Yoast SEO plugin

I use yoast seo plugin And found Yoast SEO plugin is an effective option to remove old URLs and pages, with the help of Yoast SEO plugin the sitemap of the website become clean and it successfully removed unrelated pages from sitemap

google search console remove page from index
google search console remove page from index

Install Yoast SEO plugin on the dashboard

just went down of the pages, Tag pages, portfolio pages, categories pages and set the advanced option to

Should search engines follow on this portfolio in search results

  • NO

Allow search engines to show portfolio in search results

  • No

I would like to share the setting of  Yoest SEO plugin for the website i used

Click on search Appearance

  • Under content type
  • Set portfolio pages
  • Show portfolio in search results
  • NO

Apply this setting only if you don’t like include portfolio sitemap into google console



  • Show categories in search result (no)

Tags (post_tag)

  • Show tags in search results(no)


  • Show formats in search results(no)

Portfolio categories (portfolio_category)

  • Show portfolio categories in search results(no)


Author archives settings

  • Author archives(disabled)

Date archives settings

  • Date archives(disabled)

Checking broken links on the website

Why we need to check broken links on the WordPress website because it gives bad experience to the user’s   when they  found broken links on the website it gives frustration to a user so, that they will never  visit your site again and also the fact that, you will lose the reputation of your website

The broken links can be checked by two ways

  • Installing plugin(broken link checker)
  • Online broken link checker tool

You can click here to use an online broken link checker

Enter your domain name on the website, it will scan all your website and gives the pages where it found on your site

broken link checker wordpress

In order to remove broken links from your website click on the URL where it was found and remove the URL which is broken


A sitemap helps your website to make it index in google, by making a sitemap on your website it helps google to crawl your website easily and because of that, you improve SEO.

Even though if you don’t have any sitemap for website but if you have Yoast SEO plugin it automatically generate a sitemap in website

How do you check whether you have a sitemap of website?

sitemap xml

Sitemap creation

sitemap to google
  • Go to your google search console dashboard
  • Select sitemap’s
  • Enter “sitemap.xml” and submit
  • If the result is “couldn’t fetch”, then wait for a day to update
  • Otherwise, everything will be fine

That it! Sitemap for google

How to update a WordPress theme?

Step 1: Download the latest version of the theme from ThemeForest

There are different way’s to update a WordPress theme but I will show you, how you can effortlessly update a WordPress theme

First, download the latest version of the theme from ThemeForest and when you download the file make sure you select “installable WordPress file only” then unzipped the downloaded file

Step 2: Transfer the unzip file from desktop to WordPress through FTP(FileZilla)

WordPress theme update by FTP, you just need to drag and drop the unzipped file from desktop section to WordPress section.

are you worried that you will lose your old customization which you have done on the theme but wait! by updating a new version of theme won’t remove your older version customization

So, you just need to drag and drop an unzipped file from desktop section to the WordPress section and make sure you drop in the folder called themes and overwrite the existing theme file

  • Wp-content—–> themes—–> overwrite the existing theme file.

I hope you found the answer for how to update WordPress theme

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