how to install themeforest wordpress

How to install ThemeForest WordPress theme?

Do you know? How to install themeforest wordpress theme on your dash-board, so here are the problem’s that I faced during installing a new ThemeForest premium theme

# problem 1: difficulty in purchasing a new theme at ThemeForest

Purchasing a new theme at ThemeForest is not an easy task, it might be different for others but not for me.

The debit card which I had is a master card, with a master card you can’t make payments on PayPal or Skrill because they don’t accept master card for international payments

Normally the debit card which we have won’t allow us to make a direct payment on ThemeForest because of currency difference, so I order a new Visa debit card for purchasing a new theme at ThemeForest and I did  a payment with visa debit card by PayPal

# problem 2: which file has to be uploaded on WordPress to activate purchased them?

The new theme file can be downloaded from ThemeForest by click on the profile account logo to see downloads option and the download  option contain four files

(i)All files and documentation

(ii)Installable WordPress file only

(iii)License certificate and purchase code(PDF)

(iv)License certificate and purchase code(text)

The file that is needed is (ii)  and to install this file on WordPress, go to the WordPress dashboard select Appearance option then select themes option and Add new option to upload the(ii)file

Normally this is the procedure to upload a new theme but when a file has a large size due to that the hosting provider doesn’t support the direct transfer of a large file and the downloaded  .zip file can’t be upload on the WordPress

# problem 3: Wordpress doesn’t accept a large .zip file from the WordPress Dashboard

The main problem with the WordPress dashboard is that it does not accept large file so in order to transfer large files from the remote computer  to the website we need a software called FileZilla

FileZilla software require four credentials


       (ii) user name

       (iii) password


The four credentials can be obtained through the hosting service provider

# problem 4: How to get SFTP(secure file transfer protocol)  login credentials

 The SFTP login credential is required by the the software called FileZilla  to connect with the website to transfer files from the remote computer to website,  the SFTP login credential can be obtained through the hosting provider (Godaddy) or whichever hosting service provider you have for your website

In order to obtain SFTP login credential for Godaddy, you can login in the Godday account and select my products then on the manage WordPress section click manage option then select the setting option to see SFTP section click on the view section to get login credentials

When the login credential obtained from the hosting provider then it can be entered into FileZilla to connect with the website, the remote computer local file will be visible on the left side and the website files will be visible on the right side of the software GUI

 To transfer file from remote computer to website. first the files have to be unzipped and on the right-hand side section of FileZilla  click on wp-section to see the theme folder then click on that theme folder to see the list of theme files which is present on the website,  to transfer file just you need to drag and drop the unzipped theme file from left-hand side of remote computer section to right-hand side website section, the transfer time will  depend upon the file size and the internet speed

Finally, go to your WordPress dashboard to see the theme which you have transferred then click activate to use the theme.

# problem 5: Removing old Url through google console

As soon as,  the new theme uploaded on the WordPress, the previous pages of the old website will be still visible on the google search engine  and show’s error like  “page not found”

If old pages of the website are still visible on google search engine, it will effect website traffic and we can remove the old pages  by creating an account on google console and linking it to the hosting provider(GODADDY)

The link to remove URL (


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