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Data structures and algorithms effortless guide website review

Are you confused! Want to know the resource or guide to learn data structures and algorithms on the internet then let me help you, i will share with you the website that helped me to effortlessly understand the data structures and algorithms, believe me, i found, this is the best website to understand the data structures and algorithms concepts online.

What is a GeeksforGeeks website all about?

It is a website that teaches computer science  subjects like data structures, algorithms and one of the greatest  website to learn data structure and algorithm

The website review [Data structures and algorithms tutorial]

As a wannabe developer I was searching for a material to know, how to become a developer, for that I studied the book called “the complete software developer ‘s  career guide by John Sonmez”, with that book I get to know, the technical skills needed to become a developer,  one technical skill is data structure and algorithms

So the basic thing to become  a developer, one needs to master  the data structure and algorithms and the next step would be to search the resources to learn data structures and algorithms

The books I bought to learn data structures and algorithms are

  • Data Structures by Seymour Lipschutz
  • Data Structures using c by Reema Thareja

I feel after studying both the books that the books are not enough to clear the concept

For example:  if you read Reema Thareja book, she explained the concept of linked list in one long program with all its operation like traversing, insertion, deletion, searching, because of that it becomes difficult to understand  the concept

when you don’t know how to create a linked list?, then what’s the point of learning traversing linked list algorithm, things have to be learned in a logical order to remember otherwise it’s just a waste of time and effort.

If you read the linked list concept at GeeksforGeeks the explanation is in logical order like, what is a linked list? Why we use a linked list? How the linked list is represented? What is the syntax of a node? how to create a linked list with 3 nodes

 he explained, how to create a linked list with pictorial representation like how to insert an element in the node,  on the other hand Reema Theraja book have algorithms without having a clear explanation of how to create a linked list first, things have to be in order to understand .

when we don’t understand the concept from the book, we usually choose alternative resource as youtube but videos I found on youtube is not up marked, so far I found GeeksforGeeks is the best resource to learn data structures.

 GeeksforGeeks website is a good resource to learn data structures and algorithms for free.

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