best software development practices

Best software development practices you should know

Are you starting your career in software development world?  Do you know what are the technical skills you need to know to be a successful software developer?

Best software development practices you should know to be a competitive software developer  who masters technical skills that required for the software development

Best software development practices In construction of software before we start a project, the first thing would be careful development of requirements,

It is not just in software construction, in any kind of construction . suppose you are building  a house, you need a list of things which is required for the construction of the house for example, what kind of material you use, what kind of floor material you use.

It is important to understand or have a plan before you construct it, this same analogy applies to programs also, if you don’t understand the requirements, directly jump in the construction of the code, it will be difficult to code, sometimes it is not possible to code at all,  people who skip the requirement phase in construction will lead to failure of the project with time and money.

So do you have a plan to be a software developer, what are the technical skills you need in order to be a software developer?  A  technical skill you need is data structure and algorithm

“Bad programmer’s worry about the code. Good programmer’s worry about data structures and their relationships “ ( Linus Torvalds ) also “ algorithms + data structures = program”(Niklaus Wirth)

A data structure is a procedure to organize data and store it. Algorithms are step by step process of solving various computer science problems. Being comfortable with algorithm one can solve a problem in 1 hour, while the other who is not familiar with algorithms might take several day’s to figure out the solution.

If you are not familiar enough with algorithms, you won’t even know there exist an elegant solution out there. According to John Sonmez the author of the book “the complete software developer’s career guide”. He says that every software developer must be familiar with arrays, trees, linked list, stack, queues.

John Sonmez  also says that he realized the importance of data structure and algorithms when he was competing on the website called Top Coder by knowing data structure and algorithms gave him a competitive edge over other developers, who were also competing on the same website

So finally being good with data structure and algorithms gives the competitive edge to one developer over other.

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