How to install eclipse on ubuntu 18.10? How to create the first c program in eclipse environment?

The eclipse c c++ environment can be set by two things on ubuntu

  • Eclipse ide
  • CDT(plugin)

Step 1 : install the CDT(plugin)

$ sudo apt-get install eclipse eclipse-cdt g++

Step 2: download eclipse ide through the link

step 3: extract the tar file

right click the tar file  and select extract here option

step 4: select eclipse ide that you need

create the first c program in eclipse environment

open eclipse c,c++ ide, then go to file……> new…….> project………> c project……..>next

write the name of the project  “test 3” select project and Tool chain’s option’s then next

if you want you can write Auther name, “Anees”, then next

on configuration tap select finish

go to workbench

on the left-hand side, select test3 then go to  the project tap and select build all

To run the program, go to  the run tap, select run as and choose 2 local c c++ Applications  and output hello word !! is visible at the bottom of the page

How to uninstall eclipse through  terminal

write the commands in the terminal to uninstall ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get remove eclipse

$ sudo apt-get autoremove eclipse

Another way to uninstall eclipse

Go to ubuntu software center and type eclipse, to view uninstall button 

How to get eclipse default view?

Click on window……….>perspective……….>reset perspective then select perspective option


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