[book review]: python programming an introduction to computer science by John Zelle

The book python programming an introduction to computer science is written by John Zelle. Who is a professor of computer science at Wartburg college  USA

The book has 536 pages with 13 chapters, chapter 1: computers and programs, chapter 2: writing simple programs, chapter 3: computing with numbers, chapter 4: objects and graphics, chapter 5: sequences strings,lists and files,  chapter 6: defining functions, chapter 7: decision structures, chapter 8: loop structures and Booleans chapter 9: simulation and design, chapter 10: defining classes, chapter 11:data collections, chapter 12: object-oriented design chapter 13: algorithms design and recursion

What problem’s does the book solve?

  • The book is preferred for beginner’s, he explained the  concepts   in a structured way with the simple, neat examples
  • software development process 6 steps with examples
  • To make concept clear, he used a GUI library called Graphics.py file to explain the concepts of objects and graphics like how to create an object and perform an operation on an object with illustrative pictorial diagrams and methods of the object.
  • The explanation of the function is well written with good examples like, what is a function, why we use them, how to call a function, how to create them, what are prewritten functions and methods
  • At the end of the book contain a practical project  called Racquetball game actually Racquetball is a game which is played between two players using  Racquets to strive a ball in a four-walled courts
  • The practical project called Racquetball game is explained in this book by using Top-Level design with a clear explanation
  • The technique to tackle the complex problem with the help of the top-down  design process with neat and illustrative figures
  • Object-based approach with  examples
  • Encapsulation putting classes in modules, module documentation
  • Case study: python calculator,  creating a program that implements a python calculator with buttons(0-9) four operations(+,-, *,/), a decimal point(.), c button to clear the screen <- to backspace and = to do the calculation
  • Case study better cannonball animation, case study racquetball simulation, case study dice poker

My view of the book

The book explained the concepts in a step by step way with illustrative figure also with real-life practical projects, trust me, this book save my time of mastering python, I find learning python through this book is easier than taking online courses

I studied the whole book then made notes, whenever, if I forget something I can get back very quickly, I think the book is completely enough for beginners just to begin their journey into software development.


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